Water is essential to life. It is vital for our bodies but also for our planet. It supports the ecosystems, it regulates the climate, it gives water to humans, but also to animals and plants… It acts for our agriculture, our industry, it transports us, it feeds us…

Today, it is threatened. Drought, overexploitation, pollution, bad management, … So what can we do to protect it? We explain you everything.

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treat and reuse your campsites’ water

case study

Outdoor hospitality is a unique sector. The solutions you need have to be unique too.
And, given that special needs require special answers, eloy teams are at your service.

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restoration wastewater’s treatment

eloy water, your restaurant partner for over 50 years: advice, sizing, installation, operation and maintenance.

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brewery wastewater’s treatment 

wastewater treatment

eloy water, your brewery partner for over 50 years: advice, sizing, installation, operation and maintenance.

aquacan unique patented distribution system


wastewater treatment

Our x-perco® trickling filter uses the percolation process on a filtering medium, xylit, to purify wastewater. After the decantation process, the water is distributed evenly over the xylit by means of the aquacan®, a rotative bucket designed by eloy water.

circular economy filtering medium


wastewater treatment

The x-perco® trickling filter is a biological filter that uses the natural wastewater purification principle. This technology is powerless. Treatment is provided by a bacteria population fixed to an fibre called xylit.

process compact filter

wastewater treatment in two steps

wastewater treatment

The compact x-perco® filter works by percolation. This simple, cost-effective process is driven by gravity in two phases: primary decanting and filtering via the xylit filter media. Xylit consists of natural wood fibres derived from lignite. It has a minimum life span of 10 years, can be composted according to the French NF U44-095 standard, and has a low ecological impact.

biological waswater treatment

the oxybee®

wastewater treatment

Your oxyfix® uses the submerged aerobic fixed-film technology, better known as SAFF. Bacteria are the main players in the treatment process. Within the oxyfix®, they fasten themselves to a medium/biocarrier designed by eloy called the oxybee®.

wastewater treatment oxyfix

wastewater treatment in three phases

wastewater treatment

The oxyfix®  is a solution for the treatment of wastewater with a small footprint. Three phases take place in turn to complete the treatment and discharge the treated water.


high-performance solution
for an exceptional brewery

case study

A bespoke wastewater treatment installation helps a brewery continue to grow in an environmentally-sensitive area.