traitement des eaux usées traitement des eaux usées

treat your domestic wastewater

Choosing your individual wastewater treatment solution is an important choice for the planet. Choose eloy: sustainability and performance are key to ensuring the quality of discharged water.

conseil choix solution assainissement

advice on selecting your product

Regardless of the solution you need, your dealer’s sales and technical teams will guide you in your choice. They are trained to answer all of your questions about the treatment solution you choose.
contrat entretien assainissement

maintenance contract

A contract provides a guarantee that you won’t have to worry about product maintenance. We take care of everything from contacting you, to servicing your treatment solution. A real plus for your station's performance.
service assistance assainissement

after-sales service

We’ll provide all of our expertise for any questions or problems you may have. Contact us. We’ll find a solution to your issue and answer your questions.

You can count on our 50 years of experience in water treatment.

Treating wastewater makes you a local contributor to the environment. To act, you need high-performance, sustainable ecological tools. We’ve been developing solutions that meet the strictest water management requirements for half a century. Because you don’t compromise on the quality of the water you put back into nature, we provide support throughout the life of your product.

the most reliable and robust products of the market

micro-station oxyfix

sewage treatment plant: oxyfix®

wastewater treatment plant

With more than 50,000 installations in the last 25 years, oxyfix® is one of the most robust and reliable sewage treatment plant available.

Oxyfix® range : from 4 to 100 PE (up to 15 m³/d)

  • exceptional durability
  • very cost effective
  • particularly discreet
Design sans titre (27)

non electrical sewage treatment
plant: x-perco®

trickling filter

The powerless wastewater treatment solution for your main or second residence.

X-perco® range : from 5 to 20 PE (up to 3m³/d)

  • one of the most certified and tested technology available
  • strong and durable
  • zero energy
grease trap

grease trap: greastop®

grease trap

Does your establishment’s kitchen (restaurant, cafeteria, bed&breakfast, etc.) generate a lot of animal or vegetable oils and grease? Treating them before eliminate them or disposing of your wastewater.

Greastop® range : from 4,5 to 20 m³

  • low visual impact
  • light vehicule traffic allowed
  • up to 90% of efficiency (residual oil value in mg/l)
Séparateur hydrocarbures hydrosep

oil separator: hydrosep®

oil separator

THE reliable solution for treating hydrocarbon-contaminated water. Ideal for your garage, carwash, service station or parking lot, hydrosep® ensures effective elimination of pollutants, in compliance with the standard (EN858-1).

Hydrosep® range : from 4,5 to 7,5 m³

  • comply with EN858-1 and -2
  • high performance (less than 5 mg.l of oil)
  • light traffic resistant concrete tank

quality and guaranties

You look for excellence and won’t compromise on quality, performance of your wastewater treatment product. We test our products extensively in our facility to ensure your satisfaction.

amélioration continue produits

follow-up and continuous improvement

Your product is tested under real-life conditions because we never stop learning. The data collected enables us to update and improve our products to achieve ever-better treatment results.

our other solutions

récupération eau de pluie jardin

rainwater harvesting

water management

small communities, commercial and industrial