the oxybee®

wastewater treatment 30 May 2022

the ideal biocarrier for wastewater treatment

Your oxyfix® uses the submerged aerobic fixed-film technology, better known as SAFF. Bacteria are the main players in the treatment process. Within the oxyfix®, they fasten themselves to a medium/biocarrier designed by eloy called the oxybee®.

designed by ely

The oxybee® is a biocarrier specifically designed by eloy water’s engineers. Inspired by nature, our team developed a strong, lightweight material using recycled plastic (PP, PE) shaped like a honeycomb. Its high surface area (200 m2/m3) allows for maximum biofilm development with no risk of clogging (90% empty space).

support bactérien oxybee

process operation

A air blower injects air via diffusers located at the bottom of the oxyfix® micro-station. The oxygen stimulates the growth of aerobic bacteria which fasten to the oxybee®. They create a layer called a bacterial biofilm, which decomposes the organic material and purifies the water.


unalterable and clog-free

The oxybee® is a strong, lightweight medium manufactured using recycled materials in a 100% circular process. Thanks to its unalterable and clog-free properties, the oxybee® never has to be replaced.


recycled materials

Our oxybees® are manufactured using recycled plastic (PP, PE).
Result: 487 fewer tonnes of COproduced in less than one year!