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who are you ely water?

We contribute to the preservation of our water resources. Our mission ? Harvest, treat, reuse, maintain this precious resource.

conception fabrication

design and manufacture

For 50 years, we have specialized in plot water management for both private and public customers.

All our products are designed, manufactured, distributed and maintained in-house. They benefit from exclusive, state-of-the-art industrial processes that have enabled us to offer you the very best in water management.

Every project, every product we sell is a story we help our customers to write. Contributing to protecting our water resources and to a more sustainable world is the most rewarding of all human adventures.
Olivier Eloy



total support

Get advice from our local dealers and come away with the solution that best meets your needs and the specificities of your project.


product training

Get instructions and information about the product you selected and enjoy it with complete peace of mind.


the right maintenance

Let us maintain your solution to ensure its proper functioning and longevity.


carefree follow-up

You’ll never be alone. A question, a problem, a service request…we take care of you and of your products through our local service providers.

water management by plot

gestion eau parcelle

Water is our most precious resource and we have to protect it. We work to provide you with the best solutions to manage all of your water needs: wastewater treatment, rainwater collection and reuse, sewage treatment, and more.

All of these elements contribute to water management by plot. Why manage water by plot when we have always managed it globally before?

The answer has to do with climate change. Flooding reminds us of the significant consequences that heavy rains can have on where we live and work. By equipping your plot with water retention solutions, you can create a buffer zone and avoid overloading the sewerage network.

In addition, during periods of drought, you’ll have an impressive amount of fresh water for many uses inside and outside of your house.

Lastly, by installing a high-performance wastewater treatment solution, you’ll avoid many sources of pollution that can contaminate your plot. Discharging water that respects the receiving environment is a crucial challenge for both fauna and flora.

All of these initiatives will enable you to manage all of your plot’s water and have a concrete impact on the preservation of water resources and the protection of the environment.

our expertise

qualité béton


Our engineers, biologists, chemists and automation experts develop products for you based on your needs and expectations. We test them under real-life conditions before installing them. You deserve flawless quality, which is why we have implemented a range of voluntary certification processes for each of our products.
produit customisable


You expect your product to effective and durable. We manufacture all of your products in-house to meet these goals. Regardless if they are made of concrete, rotomoulded plastic, include many electromechanical or natural components, we inspect each facet of manufacturing and assembly thanks to our many quality controls.
distribution solutions assainissement


We’re present in 22 countries and ship our products from our facilities in Belgium. Thanks to our local partners, we can provide the quality you expect for your wastewater treatment or rainwater management.
assistance choix solutions


You want full support. We understand that. That’s why we’ve implemented service that provides advice, assistance and support for your product. We help you select your solution and check the installation. We provide the first maintenance call free and ensure that your product stays at peak performance throughout its life.