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wastewater treatment 11 March 2024

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why treat your brewery wastewater?

To produce your beer with inimitable color and taste, you use a large quantity of water.
Once used, this water cannot be treated as domestic waste.
The cause is the presence of many organic and chemical pollutants, as well as unregulated temperature and pH level.

If you want to preserve your brewery’s environment, you will have to take care of it.


what if you don’t treat the many organic and chemical pollutants ?

  • sugar will foster the eutrophication of water, with an impact on flora and fauna.
  • alcohol will also contribute to the eutrophication of the aquatic environments.
  • distillers grains will pollute the soil and generate greenhouse gas emissions.
  • yeasts : They considerably increase the chemical oxygen demand (COD) of the water.
  • diatomaceous earth : Released into an aquatic environment, it will increase the sedimentation in rivers.
  • temperature : Warm water will produce bacteria that will destabilize the receiving environment.
  • pH : A non-neutral pH is a poison for water and will contribute to the death of the environment.
  • phosphorus : It will foster the development of algae and this also contribute to water eutrophication.
  • nitrogen : The bacterial balance in the water will not be optimal and will prevent carbon degradation.
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Before your wastewater is discharged into the public sewer system or before it is treated individually. Your pretreatment
plant can evolve. If you increase your production capacity, our tools can be adapted to suit it.

100 – 5 – 1: it is the ideal ratio between carbon (100), nitrogen (5) and phosphorus (1) that any wastewater must achieve before biological treatment. If this ratio is not reached, the wastewater must go through a pretreatment phase.

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How to pretreat your wastewater ?

  1. lifting system : As its name suggests, it will lift the water and its pollutants and carry them to the rotary screen.
  2. the rotary screen will separate the distillers grains from the water. You will then be able to easily harvest and resell them for other uses (bakery, mushroom substrate, farm animal feed, etc.).
  3. in the decanter, yeasts and diatomaceous earth slowly settle to the bottom of the tank. This decanter is equipped with a pump that sends the sludge to silos. Handy for draining.
  4. the aerated buffer will rebalance the wastewater. Its aeration will lower the temperature and homogenize the water. This is also where nitrogen, phosphorus and pH levels are adjusted through the addition of various substances. After this pretreatment, the wastewater is ready for treatment.
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how to treat your wastewater?

If you are not connected to a public sewer system, our solutions guarantee that your wastewater is discharged in compliance with the required standards.

  • activated sludge technology : First, the wastewater is sent to an aerated tank where bacteria attack the various pollutants. The water is then sent to a clarifier, where it is naturally separated from the sludge by settling. Once this last task has been completed, the water can flow to the receiving environment.
  • SBR (sequential biological treatment) technology : The process is also an activated sludge process in which the aeration and clarification operations take place sequentially in a single tank. The water is then discharged into the receiving environment.
  • MBR technology : The membrane bioreactor is an advanced wastewater treatment technology that combines biological treatment using activated sludge and membrane filtration.
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to have more details, get our brochure “treat your brewery’s wastewater”

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Are you thinking about treating your brewery’s wastewater ?

Now that you have read the article, you realize how it’s important to treat the wastewater of your brewery.

You don’t know how to start  ? 

Don’t worry ! We are here to help you during all the steps of your project, and it’s begin just here with our specialist.