wastewater treatment 1 June 2022

our unique patented distribution system

Our x-perco® trickling filter uses the percolation process on a filtering medium, xylit, to purify wastewater. After the decantation process, the water is distributed evenly over the xylit by means of the aquacan®, a rotative bucket designed by eloy water.

aquacan unique patented distribution system

designed by ely water

The aquacan® is a unique device in the world for the distribution of effluent on a filter. It was developed by eloy water and is used in our x-perco® concrete C-90 and polyethylene R-90. The distribution system, equipped with a bubble level, consists of a rotating tipper which allows the homogeneous distribution of the water on the filter medium, the xylit.

aquacan unique patented distribution system

purification operation

After the decantation operation, the “pre-treated” water arrives by gravity flow in the aquacan®, our tilting tipper. The aquacan® fills up and tilts as soon as the volume of water is sufficient to be dispersed on the xylit by a distribution network made up of pierced pipes. The aquacan® allows the water to be distributed evenly over the entire surface of the media, thus ensuring that all of the xylit present in the tank is used.

aquacan unique patented distribution system