micro-station oxyfix micro-station oxyfix

sewage treatment plant: oxyfix®

With more than 50,000 installations in the last 25 years, oxyfix® is one of the most robust and reliable sewage treatment plant available.

Oxyfix® range : from 4 to 100 PE (up to 15 m³/d)


a proven treatment

exceptional durability

  • robust eco-design
  • the fibre-reinforced, high-performance concrete of the oxyfix® guarantees light weight and durability

very cost effective

  • lowest emptying frequency on the market
  • low energy consumption
  • no submerged electromechanical components

a discreet micro-station

Completely underground, odourless and silent, the oxyfix® works for you out of sight.

  • completely buried: negligible visual impact
  • odour free
  • noise free

extremely reliable

  • no risk of failure
  • handles big variations in hydraulic and organic loads
  • no pump or control panel for individual models

easy to install and maintain

  • the square shape facilitates earthworks
  • high outlet, minimal altimetric loss
  • all internal components are easy to access and disassemble for maintenance
micro-station oxyfix

the oxyfix® treatment process

This individual treatment solution is a safe bet: cost-effective, easy to maintain and effective. A three-step process: primary settling/aeration/clarification.

procédé épuratoire micro-station


A honeycomb-shaped biocarrier awarded many innovation prizes.

range: oxyfix®

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procédé épuratoire oxyfix

sewage treatment plant: oxyfix® concrete C-90


The high-performance concrete tank guarantees an extented service life. It can also handle the most aggressive sulphates in your wastewater.

  • minimal excavation thanks to its rectangular shape
  • can be installed in flood plains and under light traffic load
  • available in several formats and configurations
Micro-station légère oxyfix

sewage treatment plant: oxyfix® polyester LG-90


The LG version of the oxyfix® is made of glass fiber reinforced polyester. It provides a perfect combination of lightness and strength. It’s perfect for locations that are difficult to access.

  • easy to handle and install
  • for building sites inaccesible for concrete
  • available in several formats and configurations

did you know? The oxybee® is larger than it appears.

The Oxyfix® waste water treatment system draws inspiration from a biological phenomena found in Nature and recreates this using Oxybee® (media) produced in the form of a honeycomb shape. Oxybee® is constructed from lightweight and durable recycled plastic (polypropylene and polyethylene) to create a platform to support the continual growth of bacteria.

support bactérien oxybee