wastewater treatment in two steps

wastewater treatment 30 May 2022

The x-perco® trickling filter treats wastewater by reproducing the purification processes found in nature. After a first decantation phase, the wastewater is then treated using a filtering medium: the xylit.

process compact filter

first step: decantation

The x-perco® consists of two compartments. The first compartment is a septic tank which decants the wastewater. Once in the primary decanter, the wastewater is slowly pre-treated. Solid matter sinks to the bottom and lighter matter rises to the surface.

Sludge forms at the bottom of the first compartment during this phase. During the annual maintenance of your compact filter, your Certified Technician will measure the height of the sludge and let you know when emptying is recommended. Once the materials have separated, the decanted water moves to a second compartment of the compact filter to continue the treatment process.

purification processes x-perco concrete

second step: reaction

The second compartment of the x-perco® compact filter is where the wastewater treatment magic takes place. The second tank consists of our filter bed: the xylit.
xylit is waste matter from lignite which eloy water recycles to take advantage of its excellent purification performance.

The decanted water moves to the second compartment passing through a rotating distribution device designed by eloy water: the aquacan. This ingenious system enables the consistent distribution of the decanted water over the filtering medium. The water percolates through the xylit and is gradually purified. Once at the bottom of the tank, it is evacuated toward the receiving environment. This operation uses no electricity (with the exception of sewage treatment) and is completely natural.

treatment operation of the x-perco compact filter