wastewater treatment in two steps

wastewater treatment 30 May 2022

The compact x-perco® filter works by percolation. This simple, cost-effective process is driven by gravity in two phases: primary decanting and filtering via the xylit filter media. Xylit consists of natural wood fibres derived from lignite. It has a minimum life span of 10 years, can be composted according to the French NF U44-095 standard, and has a low ecological impact.

process compact filter

first step: decantation

The x-perco® consists of two compartments. The wastewater enters this compartment, called the primary decanter. It is pre-treated to detach solids.

purification processes x-perco concrete

second step: reaction

The pre-treated wastewater is then spread evenly over the filter media by a small rotating device: the aquacan. This distribution system was developed and patented by eloy water. The wastewater percolates through the xylit filter and is naturally treated without energy, then evacuated.

treatment operation of the x-perco compact filter