wastewater treatment 30 May 2022

The x-perco® trickling filter is a biological filter that uses the natural wastewater purification principle. This technology is powerless. Treatment is provided by a bacteria population fixed to an fibre called xylit.

circular economy filtering medium

a circular economy filtering medium

xylit is an organic waste which eloy water recycles for use as a filtering medium. xylit is a by-product of lignite extraction. It does not have sufficient heating power to be used as a fuel, which means that it is completely useless unless it is used in our x-perco® compact filter. The xylit is recycled a second time when its purifying performance declines. It can be composted and returned to the earth in a circular economy process.

circular economy filtering medium

many benefits

  • high mechanical strength guarantees excellent stability over time
  • the large surface area encourages the development of a dense bacterial biofilm much more quickly than any other filtering medium
  • can be composted according to the NF U-44-095 standard. At the end of its life cycle, the xylit can be brought to A15 composting centres
  • long life span of minimum 12 years.
filtering medium for wastewater treatment