wastewater treatment 30 May 2022

The x-perco® trickling filter is a biological filter that uses the natural wastewater purification principle. This technology is powerless. Treatment is provided by a bacteria population fixed to an fibre called xylit.

circular economy filtering medium

what is xylit from ely ?

  • by-product from lignite extraction
  • extracted in Germany
  • composed of natural wood fibres, semi-fossilised
  • large contact surface for bacterial development
  • high carbon content
circular economy filtering medium

many benefits

Of all filter media (zeolites, rock wool, coconut shavings, etc.), only xylit has been tested under extreme conditions with 10% contribution in the total mass of the compost.

At the end of the tests, the compost largely achieves the results necessary to obtain the French standard NF U44-095. This standard guarantees the quality of a compost containing materials of agronomic interest, resulting from water treatment. It certifies its use as a soil enrichment product, whether in agronomy or simply in the vegetable garden.

filtering medium for wastewater treatment

a sustainable development approach

Xylit is a waste that we recycle.

In our x-perco® wastewater treatment plants, it is enjoying a new life in service of the environment as a filter media. At the end of its life, it once again becomes waste that can be co-composted. It then becomes once more a high added value product with multiple uses.