séparateur d'hydrocarbures hydrosep séparateur d'hydrocarbures hydrosep

oil separator: hydrosep®

THE reliable solution for treating hydrocarbon-contaminated water. Ideal for your garage, carwash, service station or parking lot, hydrosep® ensures effective elimination of pollutants, in compliance with the standard (EN858-1).

Hydrosep® range : from 4,5 to 7,5 m³

séparateur hydrocarbures hydrosep

separate you oils and hydrocarbons

super tough concrete envelope

The high-performance, fibre-reinforced concrete of your hydrosep® combines lightweight and robustness.

  • highly resistant
  • supports the weight of light vehicles
  • tank guaranteed 10 years

high treatment performance

Unequalled discharge quality makes the hydrosep® a high-performance oil separator.

  • residual content of less than 5 mg/l
  • complies with standard Norm EN858-1 and 858-2 Class 1 performance
  • available with sludge and oil alarm
  • the lowest desludging frequency on the market

invisible and odourless

Completely underground, odourless and silent. It works for you out of sight.

  • small footprint
  • no pump or automation


made in eloy

qualité béton haute densité

our self-compacting fibre-reinforced concrete

High density and a very low water absorption rate ensure 100% watertightness.

< 3,5

séparateur d'hydrocarbures hydrosep

its strength means that it can be installed where you want

The hydrosep® can handle small vehicles up to 3.5 tons.

range: hydrosep®

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Séparateur hydrocarbures hydrosep

hydrocarbon separator: hydrosep® concrete


This extremely effective pre-treatment manages all oil and fuel pollution.

  • highly resistant
  • high performance
  • discreet and odourless

did you know ? Hydrocarbons are separated from water through coalescence.

A coalescing filter aggregates the fine oil and fuel particles in water into larger drops. They separate from the water and rise to the surface, which can then be discharged.

filtre coalescence