récupération eau pluviale récupération eau pluviale

rainwater harvesting tank: waterfix®

Collect and use rainwater thanks to the waterfix®. Contribute to the preservation of our water resources.

Waterfix® range : from 4 to 20 m³

récupérateur d'eau de pluie

harvest and use rainwater

built to last

Thanks to its high-performance, fibre-reinforced concrete envelope, your waterfix® is both lightweight and robust.

  • extra tough
  • supports light vehicles
  • pH regulation thanks to the concrete

fully modular

Thanks to its different formats and many add-ons, waterfix® adapts to your needs and uses.

  • from 3 to 20,000 litres
  • prefiltering solutions
  • Gardena® garden kit


Once buried, your waterfix® rainwater collection system is virtually invisible in your yard.

  • small footprint
  • single chamber
  • easy-to-maintain pre-filters

made in eloy

qualité béton haute densité

our self-compacting fibre-reinforced concrete

High density and a very low water absorption rate ensure 100% watertightness.

custom filters

filtres eau de pluie

In-filtro filtration system

In-filtro is totally integrated in the tank. It’s strong, stable, recyclable and easy to clean.

range: waterfix®

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récupérateur d'eau de pluie

rainwater collection tank: waterfix®


From 3,000 to 20,000 litres of water storage for multiple uses inside and outside of the house.

  • designed to last
  • fully modular
  • discreet

did you know? You can make your life easier with the Gardena® garden pack

Install a connection for your garden hose in your yard. The pack consists of an underground water connection and a Divertron® submerged pump. It will work for you everywhere in your garden and vegetable patch.

kit arrosage jardin