récupération eau de pluie récupération eau de pluie

harvest your rainwater

Water is a precious resource that has to be protected. Take action for our planet by choosing to collect your rainwater. Discover the many ways in which you can use it in and around your house.

récupération eau usée toilette

flushing the toilet

On average, flushing a toilet discharges nine litres of water into the sewers, five times a day per person. Connecting your toilets to a rainwater system can save up to 17,000 litres of water a year per person.
machine à laver eau de pluie

the washing machine

Using special filters, it can be connected to the rainwater system, saving over 7,000 litres of water a year. This calculation is done based on a modern washing machine that uses “only” 40 litres per wash cycle.
arrosage jardin eau de pluie

the flowers and plants in your garden

Your green spaces constantly need water. Droughts will make the situation worse. Depending on the total surface area and number of plants that need water, the number of litres used will increase.
lavage voiture eau de pluie

your car

Did you know? Removing calcium from water prevents stains on your bodywork and reduces the number of products in the water. Calcium, like all other minerals, reduces the effectiveness of detergents.
nettoyer terrasse jardin

around the house

Alleyways, patios, sheds and garden furniture: your pressure washer will be busy thanks to its special partnership with rainwater.
piscine à l'eau de pluie

your swimming pool

On average, it takes 60,000 litres to fill a rectangular swimming pool. Rainwater can significantly reduce your water bill. In addition, it’s softer than mains water. Be sure, however, to analyse your water on a regular basis.

let’s make every drop count

Over time, drinking water has virtually become the sole source of water supply for all household uses. However, is it really necessary? Do we have to use drinking water in our toilets? The time has come to use the rainwater that falls on our roofs and become an agent of change. Many uses are possible inside and outside of the house.

one goal for my rainwater

récupérateur d'eau de pluie

rainwater harvesting tank: waterfix®

rainwater collector

Collect and use rainwater thanks to the waterfix®. Contribute to the preservation of our water resources.

Waterfix® range : from 4 to 20 m³

  • designed to last
  • fully modular
  • discreet

quality and guaranties

We test your rainwater collection system in our facility to ensure that your product is completely sealed and that it will preserve the quality of the water collected for multiple uses inside and outside of the house.


follow-up and continuous improvement

We are constantly thinking about rainwater management innovations. We’re working to revolutionise the use of rainwater based on the latest technologies in the field and by collecting data from real-life tests.

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