des solutions projets

solutions for your project

Manage, recover, treat…many different actions can be taken to protect water resources. Don’t wait. Become a contributor to the environment thanks to eloy water solutions. Find out how…

treat your wastewater

Choosing your individual wastewater treatment solution is an important choice for the planet. Choose eloy: sustainability and performance are key to ensuring the quality of discharged water.

solution traitement des eaux

collect your rainwater

Water is a precious resource that has to be protected. Take action for our planet by choosing to collect your rainwater. Discover the many ways in which you can use it in and around your house.

récupération eau de pluie jardin

manage your small community
water project

Apartment building, housing developments, administration buildings…your projects deserve solutions that meet your expectations and requirements. And, because you have no time to lose, we guarantee quality!

water management