wastewater treatment in three phases

wastewater treatment 30 May 2022

The oxyfix®  is a solution for the treatment of wastewater with a small footprint. Three phases take place in turn to complete the treatment and discharge the treated water.

wastewater treatment oxyfix

first step : primary settling

The wastewater enters this compartment, where it is pre-treated: suspended elements are decanted into the lower section and are partially eliminated by anaerobic bacteria. A layer consisting of cellulose and grease forms in the upper section of the tank. The aeration system evacuates any gases to limit unpleasant odours.


second step: reaction

It is during this step that oxybee® acts as a medium for the bacteria. Air is blown in by a compressor (placed in the laundry room/cellar) and fine bubble diffusers (placed in the oxyfix®). This intake of air enables the bacteria to multiply. oxybee® are unchangeable and cannot clog!


third step: clarification

Last, the residual suspended material is separated from the biologically-treated wastewater.