high-performance solution
for an exceptional brewery

case study 16 May 2022

A bespoke wastewater treatment installation helps a brewery continue to grow in an environmentally-sensitive area.


Lupulus brewery is located in Belgium and set up in 2004 by Pierre Gobron, creator of La Chouffe beer. This establishment, the only ambition of which, to begin with, was simply to supply the neighbouring bar, has met with resounding success thanks to the creation of a thoroughbred beer that takes its name from the Latin name of the hop used (Humulus Lupulus).

problematic, order
and issues

With its fast growing production, the brewery soon had to consider an extension to its production facilities. This extension and the future production growth lead to increasing requirements for wastewater treatment. Furthermore the Belgian government demanded more demanding permits since the brewery is located in a sensitive ecological zone, subject to very restrictive legislation.

The production was 10,000 hl in 2015 and estimated to reach at least 25,000 hl in 2020. We wanted the solution to be large enough for this projected capacity with a margin for growth of 20% and the possibility of easily extending it in the event of continued success.
Pierre Gobron - owner

job completed

The brewery now has a high-performance and scalable treatment plant capable of treating the wastewater subject to weekly variations and ready for production growth over the coming years. A particular attention to the control of the overall costs : from implementation of the treatment plant with reduced installation and on-site time to minimisation of the operating costs.

We were looking for a company capable of successfully realising the project while becoming fully involved to give us confidence. We chose eloy water after talking to and visiting companies with similar projects. The fact that the solution was factory made at eloy water was of real benefit in reducing the time on site at the brewery and the related costs. A real success !
Pierre Gobron - owner