séparateur de graisses greastop

grease trap: greastop®

Does your establishment’s kitchen (restaurant, cafeteria, bed&breakfast, etc.) generate a lot of animal or vegetable oils and grease? Treating them before eliminate them or disposing of your wastewater.

dégraisseur greastop

much more than a septic tank

a strong degreaser tank

Thanks to its high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete envelope, your greastop® is both lightweight and robust.

  • extra tough
  • supports light vehicle traffic
  • 10-year guarantee on the tank

grease separation

Separates grease by floating and sludge by settling, while preventing plugs.

  • pre-treatment solution
  • gravity operated
  • completely electricity-free

odour-free and invisible

Bury your degreaser for guaranteed odour-free operation with no noise pollution.

  • small footprint
  • anti-odour cartridges available
  • no pump or automation

made in eloy

qualité béton haute densité

our self-compacting fibre-reinforced concrete

High density and a very low water absorption rate ensure 100% watertightness.

emptying = quality

vidange fosse toutes eaux

empty your greastop® on a regular basis

Call your emptying service as soon as the sludge or grease alarm goes off.

range: greastop®

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dégraisseur greastop

degreaser: greastop® concrete


No oils or grease can resist it. It works for your kitchen and protects the environment.

  • extremely effective
  • solid
  • watertight and odour-free

did you know ? Emptying won’t affect the concrete.

The pipes from the pumping truck can damage stainless steel or polyethylene structures when you empty the degreaser. There is no risk of damage to our shock resistant, fibre-reinforced concrete, which guarantees a long product life.

vidange fosse toutes eaux