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who are we?

We contribute to the preservation of our water resources. Our mission? Harvest, treat, reuse, maintain this precious resource.

biological wastewater treatment plant: oxyfix®

With more than 10 years experience and on-site monitoring under real-life conditions, the oxyfix® tank is the all-in-one wastewater treatment solution that will never let you down.

compact filter: x-perco®

Equipped with a septic tank and a compact filter made from a revolutionary filtering medium (xylit), the x-perco® works with you to treat the wastewater of your main or second residence.

rainwater harvesting

rainwater collection tank: waterfix®

waterfix® is the ideal product for collecting and reusing rainwater.

Equipped with a high-performance filter and the garden pack, you can use rainwater inside and outside your house for many purposes.

our solutions

wastewater treatment

rainwater harvesting

water management - small communities


aquacan unique patented distribution system


wastewater treatment

Our x-perco® compact filter uses the percolation process on a filter medium, xylit, to purify wastewater. After the decantation process, the water is distributed evenly over the xylit by means of the aquacan®, a rotary tipper designed by eloy water.

circular economy filtering medium


wastewater treatment

The x-perco® compact filter is a biological filter that uses the natural wastewater purification principle. This technology requires no energy input (with the exception of sewage treatment). Treatment is provided by a bacteria population fixed to an aerobic fibre called xylit.

process compact filter

wastewater treatment in two phases

wastewater treatment

The x-perco® compact filter treats wastewater by reproducing the purification processes found in nature. After a first decantation phase, the wastewater is then treated using a filtering medium: the xylit.

biological waswater treatment

the oxybee®

wastewater treatment

Your oxyfix® uses the submerged aerobic fixed-film biomass treatment principle, better known as SAFF. Bacteria are the main players in the treatment process. Within the oxyfix®, they fasten themselves to a medium/biocarrier designed by eloy called the oxybee®.

wastewater treatment oxyfix

wastewater treatment in three phases

wastewater treatment

The oxyfix®  is a solution for the treatment of wastewater with a small footprint. Three phases take place in turn to complete the treatment and discharge the treated water.