who are we?

We contribute to the preservation of our water resources. Our mission? Harvest, treat, reuse, maintain this precious resource.

sewage treatment
plant: oxyfix®

With more than 25 years experience and on-site monitoring under real-life conditions, the oxyfix® tank is the all-in-one sewage treatment plant  that will never let you down.

x-perco®, the most compact and resistant biofilter on the market

Equipped with a septic tank and a compact filter made from a revolutionary filtering medium (xylit), the x-perco® works with you to treat the wastewater of your main or second residence.

waterfix® is the ideal product for collecting and reusing rainwater.

Equipped with a high-performance filter and the garden pack, you can use rainwater inside and outside your house for many purposes.

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our solutions

wastewater treatment

rainwater harvesting

small communities, commercial and industrial


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treat and reuse your campsites’ water

case study

Outdoor hospitality is a unique sector. The solutions you need have to be unique too.
And, given that special needs require special answers, eloy teams are at your service.

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restoration wastewater’s treatment

eloy water, your restaurant partner for over 50 years: advice, sizing, installation, operation and maintenance.

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brewery wastewater’s treatment 

wastewater treatment

eloy water, your brewery partner for over 50 years: advice, sizing, installation, operation and maintenance.

aquacan unique patented distribution system


wastewater treatment

Our x-perco® trickling filter uses the percolation process on a filtering medium, xylit, to purify wastewater. After the decantation process, the water is distributed evenly over the xylit by means of the aquacan®, a rotative bucket designed by eloy water.

circular economy filtering medium


wastewater treatment

The x-perco® trickling filter is a biological filter that uses the natural wastewater purification principle. This technology is powerless. Treatment is provided by a bacteria population fixed to an fibre called xylit.

quality and guaranties

Your product has been tested in our factory to ensure: quality, performance and efficiency.

follow-up and continuous improvement

Your product is tested in real-life conditions to enable us to improve and develop our technologies.