filtre compact x-perco

non electrical sewage treatment
plant: x-perco®

The powerless wastewater treatment solution for your main or second residence.

filtre compact x-perco béton

innovation at the service of water treatment

exceptional durability

The x-perco® is made of concrete or polyethylene. It is designed to resist deformation and work in all terrains.

  • durable and strong
  • robust self-compacting fi bre-reinforced concrete for durability and light weight (C-90 version)
  • can be installed in any terrain

adapts to your needs

Thanks to its special treatment cycle the x-perco® adapts to your lifestyle without loss of performance.

  • ideal for a second home
  • operates energy-free
  • low carbon footprint

sustainable approach

The x-perco® operates without electricity and its filtering medium is 100% natural, making it environmentally-friendly.

  • xylit, a natural filtering medium
  • xylit life span: 12 years
  • no automation or pump


0 % electricity consumption

fonctionnement filtre compact

how does the compact x-perco® filter work?

Find out how the x-perco® treats your wastewater to obtain optimal results without electricity.

100% natural

media filtrant xylit

xylit, the natural x-perco® filtering medium

Find out how the x-perco® achieves exceptional sustainable treatment results.

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filtre compact béton x-perco

trickling filter: x-perco® concrete C-90


The high-performance concrete tank guarantees an extented service life. It can also handle the most aggressive sulphates in your wastewater.

  • minimal excavation thanks to its rectangular shape
  • can be installed in flood plains and under light traffic load
  • available in several formats and configurations
Filtre compact léger x-perco

compact filter: x-perco® polyethylene R-90


The rotomoulding technique is used to create this light and super strong filter. It is produced in our brand-new facility with the most modern machines on the market.

  • high-density polyethylene rotomoulded in our plant
  • won’t deform and can't be crushed
  • available in several formats and configurations

aquacan®, the x-perco® flow distribution system.

Discover how the x-perco® manages your effluent thanks to its patented water distribution system.

aquacan systeme distribution