chantier solution membranaire chantier solution membranaire

membrane bioreactor (MBR)

The membrane bioreactor is an advanced technology for the treatment of wastewater which combines biological treatment by activated sludge and filtration by membranes.

bioréacteur membranaire

the wastewater treatment of the future

exceptional discharge quality

Thanks to its membrane filtration system, the treated water exceeds the ultra-filtration threshold for immediate reuse.

  • no disinfection unit required
  • immediate reuse of the treated water

small footprint

MBR technology enables the purification of large volumes of water in a smaller station thanks to the reduced reactor size and because there is no clarifier.

  • greater sludge concentration
  • optimal reactor sizing
  • no clarification unit

for extreme treatment needs

The technology is suitable for treating industrial wastewater and for discharge in sensitive areas.

  • eliminates 99% of contaminants
  • stable performance
  • protects the environment
solution assainissement sur mesure

advanced treatment of your industrial wastewater

The SMART service will configure your industrial wastewater treatment solution for high-quality pre-treatment/treatment.

zone naturelle protégée

exceptional discharge quality

Particularly well-suited for discharge in sensitive areas (natura 2000) and in tourist areas where protecting nature is a high priority.

did you know ?

Membrane technology is recognised as a state-of-the-art technology for wastewater treatment. Its high-performance places it above traditional options for the treatment of highly polluted water.

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