sequencing batch reactor (SBR)

The SBR process for Sequencing Batch Reactor from the treatment of wastewater in a single tank by alternating reaction and clarification sequences.

Airoxy® range : from 100 to 400 PE

traitement des eaux SBR

an innovative technique

easy installation

  • suitable for a range of installation conditions: buried and partially buried tanks
  • easy to integrate with existing treatment drainage systems: reactor filling by pump, high outflow, etc.

high performance process

  • high-performance suited to the requirements of your markets
  • option to add tertiary treatment to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus and/or for disinfection
  • can be used for industrial treatment
  • 20% more compact than an activated sludge or fixed-film system

flexible solution

  • adjustable treatment and aeration volumes based on fluctuations in the pollution level on input (particularly well-suited for installations whose operation fluctuates between high and low seasons, notably the hospitality industry)
  • the buffer tank moderates the negative effects of feed points and ensures appropriate staying time (integrated lift pump)

incomparable peace of mind

  • low visual impact (can be completely underground)
  • quiet
  • no unpleasant odours: process with no anaerobic treatment phase

robust eco-design

  • reliable electromechanical equipment: well-known brands available around the world (Siemens, Kaeser, HPE, Flygt, KSB, Hendres Hausser)
  • optimised energy yield
  • remote management and control of the station
assainissement collectif camping

wastewater treatment for small and medium communities

The installation of a sequencing batch reactor in housing developments, hotels, campsites and public buildings provides an advanced solution that meets precise requirements.

assainissement collectif sur mesure

configured according to your needs

Our SBR reactors are fully modular: up to 4,000 PE, prefabricated in our plant or poured on site. Buffer tanks and sludge storage silos, etc. can also be installed.

did you know? 

In order to optimise your treatment solutions, you can also order SBR reactors, buffer tanks and storage silos separately. All of these modules are easy to combine thanks to plug-and-play technology.

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