béton fibré haute qualité béton fibré haute qualité

quality and guarantees

Give yourself peace of mind with a reliable individual sewage solution that has been tested from raw material to finished product. Because you demand quality, we certify your wastewater treatment solution by organisations specialising in non-collective sanitation.

qualité béton

3 axes of quality to guarantee you the most sustainable solutions

We will never compromise on quality, it is a commitment. It is the guarantee of the know-how that we put at the service of your wastewater treatment and rainwater management. This is why we have developed a three-pronged programme that allows us to test every aspect of our production and our products.

This way, you can be sure that you will benefit from efficient and sustainable solutions that are perfectly adapted to your needs.


test and control

We randomly test the watertightness and resistance of your wastewater treatment plant, septic tank or rainwater collector. Numerous tests are carried out: air blowing, filling with water, testing in real conditions, etc. Nothing is left to chance!


raw materials

As soon as we receive them, we analyse all the raw materials. If we have the slightest doubt about their quality, we remove them from our production lines. We then analyse the problem in collaboration with our suppliers to ensure that it does not occur again.



All sanitation and rainwater harvesting products are inspected by in-house trained Quality Operators. From the production line to loading, each step is carefully controlled to guarantee the durability of your product.

our certifications

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European Compliance

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Qualité Bâtiment

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