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submerged aerated fixed film (SAFF)

It is based on the principle of treatment by immersed and aerated fixed biomass. Oxygen will activate bacteria that will degrade the pollution present in the water.

Oxyfix® range : from 100 to 400 PE

biomasse fixée immergée

proven technology

exceptional durability

  • robust eco-design
  • the fibre-reinforced, high-performance concrete of the oxyfix® guarantees light weight and durability

very cost effective

  • lowest emptying frequency on the market
  • low energy consumption
  • no submerged electromechanical components

a discreet micro-station

Completely underground, odourless and silent, the oxyfix® works for you out of sight.

  • completely buried: negligible visual impact
  • odour free
  • noise free

extremely reliable

  • no risk of failure
  • handles big variations in hydraulic and organic loads
  • no pump or control panel for individual models

easy to install and maintain

  • the square shape facilitates earthworks
  • high outlet, minimal altimetric loss
  • all internal components are easy to access and disassemble for maintenance
micro-station oxyfix SAFF

our technology

The oxyfix® uses SAFF technology, which provides stability, effectiveness and durability for wastewater treatment.


treatment for your large-scale projects

The SAFF process is particularly well suited for treating the wastewater of small and medium communities thanks to its ease of use and optimal yields.

did you know?

oxybee® it is at the heart of the SAFF process. It is used as a bacterial medium within the biological reactor. It optimises wastewater treatment thanks to its large available surface area (200 m2 per m3 of oxybee®).

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