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water project

Apartment building, housing developments, administration buildings…your projects deserve solutions that meet your expectations and requirements. And, because you have no time to lose, we guarantee quality!

produit customisable

100% customisable

Option to include electromechanical equipment, add or modify the openings and/or manholes or to add interior and/or exterior protective coatings. There are solutions available for your special needs.
chantier assainissement collectif

fully plug and play

All of the add-ons can be immediately and easily connected to your solution. The connections are designed for easy coupling of existing and new equipment. Which means that you can plan and anticipate your new needs or standards.

superior, controlled quality

Your custom solution is tested on-site. All of the raw materials are checked to ensure their quality and durability. The electromechanical elements are installed at our plant to ensure perfect operation.
livraison clé en main

turnkey delivery on site

You solution is entirely manufactured in our facility. This ensures complete control over the production phase, the materials and the assembly. With no weather disturbances and their consequences.
étude sur mesure

50% savings in execution time

Because your solution is based on techniques that have already been mastered, project execution times are considerably less. You save time on studies and on production compared to a solution poured and assembled on site.
projet sur mesure assainissement

lower installation costs

We’ll complete your project faster through quicker execution. By reducing the time required, we also lower the management and coordination costs of the works.

be SMART about your large-scale projects!

Because you expect answers that reflect your goals, we’ll send our team SMART to you. Their objective? To help you save time and money. Their method? Design your solution based on your needs, your constraints, the specificities of your project and its location. The results? Custom, high-performance solutions ready to use.

each project has its own specific technology

Bioréacteur à membrane

membrane bioreactor

membrane bioreactor

Specially designed for the treatment of wastewater in environmentally sensitive areas.

  • treatment capacity of 20 to 200 m³/day
  • low sludge generation
  • limited footprint
Réacteur biologique séquentiel

sequencing Batch Reactor

sequencing biological reactor

The decanting, aerating and clarification are done sequentially in a single tank.

  • operational flexibility
  • low sensitivity to load changes
  • low operating costs
culture immergée aérée

submerged aerated culture

submerged and airy culture

Three successive phases for optimal treatment: decantation, aeration and clarification.

  • treatment yield in excess of 90%
  • easy station management
  • adaptable load selector

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solution traitement des eaux

wastewater treatment

récupération eau de pluie jardin

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