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sequencing Batch Reactor

The decanting, aerating and clarification are done sequentially in a single tank.

traitement des eaux SBR

an innovative technique


The successive reaction and clarification phases take place in the same tank. This significantly decreases its overall size.

  • compact process
  • energy efficiency
  • easy installation

high-quality treatment

SBR technology enables effective, stable wastewater treatment. This benefits the discharge area.

  • high purification yield
  • up to 99%
  • no chemical products

easy maintenance

Everything is optimised in the SBR wastewater treatment station to enable easy maintenance and prevent breakdowns from wear and tear.

  • easy access to parts
  • no motor in the tank
  • no mechanical equipment
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wastewater treatment for small and medium communities

The installation of a sequencing batch reactor in housing developments, hotels, campsites and public buildings provides an advanced solution that meets precise requirements.

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configured according to your needs

Our SBR reactors are fully modular: up to 2,000 PE, prefabricated in our plant or poured on site. Buffer tanks and sludge storage silos, etc. can also be installed.

did you know? 

In order to optimise your treatment solutions, you can also order SBR reactors, buffer tanks and storage silos separately. All of these modules are easy to combine thanks to plug-and-play technology.

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