traitement biomasse immergée aérée

submerged aerated culture

Three successive phases for optimal treatment: decantation, aeration and clarification.

biomasse fixée immergée

proven technology

3-step treatment

The SAFF process uses three wastewater treatment phases. The successive phases purify the effluent for optimal results.

  • primary decanting
  • biological reaction
  • clarification


Simple technology ensures easy management of the solutions using this process. Electromechanical elements are reduced to the strict minimum required.

  • low risk of breakdown
  • no risk of clogging
  • automated operation

compact system

This process enables the treatment of wastewater in small volumes, making it very effective and discrete.

  • small footprint to be buried
  • integrated with the landscape
  • no odours
micro-station oxyfix SAFF

our micro-station technology

The oxyfix® micro-station uses SAFF technology, which provides stability, effectiveness and durability for wastewater treatment.

chantier assainissement collectif

treatment for your large-scale projects

The SAFF process is particularly well suited for treating the wastewater of small and medium communities thanks to its ease of use and optimal yields.

did you know?

oxybee® it is at the heart of the SAFF process. It is used as a bacterial medium within the biological reactor. It optimises wastewater treatment thanks to its large available surface area (200 m2 per m3 of oxybee®).

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